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SuperOffice CRM Services - A helping hand when you need it

Achieving success with CRM requires planning, implementation, reinforcement and optimization of best practices.

SuperOffice provides these CRM services in a coordinated manner with our partners to help you achieve CRM success on time and according to expectations.

  • Our methodology »

    With the SuperOffice implementation method (SIM), you can expect implementations which are done right the first time, on time, on budget and to your expectations.

    Based on more than 11,000 successful implementations, we have created a structured and systematic methodology designed to:

    • Get faster return on your CRM investment
    • Achieve high adoption rates
    • Achieve CRM success the way you envisioned it

    Up and running in no time
    The framework is flexible and accommodates different levels and scopes of CRM projects to ensure a fast but secure deployment of your CRM solution.

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  • Consulting »

    Get professional advice and help on how to successfully implement the CRM solution in your company.

    Planning and implementing customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can be a significant undertaking. SuperOffice consulting services helps you succeed by unlocking the power of our business solutions and providing you with the greatest value from your investment.

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    Get Expert Guidance On:

    • Identification/specification of business processes (sales, marketing, delivery, etc.) 
    • Configuration specification
    • Data import specification and implementation
    • Integration specification and implementation
    • Scripting specification and development
    • Synchronization specification and set up
    • Reports specification and development
    • Training
    • Testing 
    • Documentation
    • Or stand alone technical enhancements/tasks

    In addition to our SuperOffice consultants, we work with a range of professional implementation partners to suit your total requirements.

  • Education »

    Maximize the benefits of your SuperOffice CRM through standard or custom tailored trainings.

    SuperOffice offers a wide range of education services, ranging from open class-room trainings to company specific courses, covering new and inexperienced users up to system administrators.

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    All education material is available in local languages and are handed out during the education sessions.

    Our eLearning courses complete our offering in this area, making it possible for your company to choose the most effective concept for your company and users.
    Explore local subsidiary sites to find out more or contact a SuperOffice partner for more detailed information.

  • Additional services - CRM Online »

    Tapping into professional CRM assistance can help you to get up and running a lot faster with your CRM and ensure that you get started on the right foot.

    It’s important to get  the basic overview and knowledge of how you can utilize and configure your system to support your business. And it doesn’t hurt to get some training for those key people who are going to be using the system the most. This ensures that people understand “what’s in it for me” and that they use the system.

    Read more about our Start-up Packages

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    For those who want more assistance than what the set up service includes, we can offer a range of services to suit your needs:  

    • CRM Online - web based training
    • Standard and customized training on site
    • Specification of business processes (sales, marketing, support)
    • Configuration assistance for fields, templates and process support
    • Data import
    • Customized reports
    • Training in User-Defined Fields
    • Configuration of the Sales Intelligence module

    For more information on additional service offerings and how to access these services, contact us today.