Analytics and Forecasting

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Steer towards better business results with analytics and forecasting tools

If you're a manager, your biggest challenge is not that you're not getting enough information, but getting the information visualized in such a way that it's easily understandable at a glance. 

Use SuperOffice analytics and forecasting tools to help you create focus, inspiration and enthusiasm around important areas (KPI's) for your company.

  • Pre-defined dashboards »

    SuperOffice Analyze provides complete dashboards, reports and analysis from the SuperOffice CRM-system. The dashboards are transparent and role based to ensure focus on the right metrics with the ability to react to changing business needs.

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  • Self service sales analytics »

    SuperOffice sales analytics analyzes powerful data visualization capabilities allow the business user to view their own data in a simple and meaningful way. It meets the business users' need for ease of use and flexibility on the one hand, and IT's need for standards and control on the other.

    The solution is accessible at all times through your web-browser and does not require any local client installation.

    No waiting for outdated reports, no more guessing. Just fast answers to critical business questions.

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  • Sales intelligence »

    The Sales intelligence (SAINT) module transforms your CRM data into high quality sales analytics and intelligence.  Sales managers can use this module to set up rules in the CRM with regards to customers, activities and sales.  Once the rules are set up in the system, pre-defined workflow and alarms will then alert the sales person to further action.

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