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Contact me Superoffice CRM platform is flexible and integrates with all leading technology platforms

SuperOffice CRM technology platform

Different businesses have different needs. With SuperOffice CRM, you have lots of options. You decide what you want based on different trade-offs, priorities, IT and technology strategy, solution requirements and infrastructure.

  • Architecture »

    SuperOffice CRM is built on a Service Based Architecture featuring a Multi Client Platform. The SuperOffice CRM platform grows, expands and integrates with your business, your existing applications and IT infrastructure – preserving and leveraging your current IT investments.


    • Built on the Microsoft .NET framework
    • Windows clients as well as web-based clients
    • Integrates with all leading technology platforms and applications (.NET, JAVA, WebServices)
    • Complete customization and integration capabilities (SuperOffice Expander)
    • Synchronize customer data with other IT systems and 3rd party solutions

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  • Built on leading technology standards »

    Our web-clients are built on and AJAX technologies. The SuperOffice CRM Server is developed using mainly C#. The windows-client is based on .NET / C++. SuperOffice R&D is continuously investing significant resources in modern technology and architecture in all our software components. This also allows for sharing of information between systems without the problem of translation and incompatible “languages”.

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  • Supports all leading technology platforms »

    IT departments are focused on maximizing their IT investment and minimizing the time it takes to integrate a software application.  SuperOffice supports all leading technology platforms so that you can choose your own technology environment.

    Integrated application independent

    • Email applications
    • Office applications
    • Analytics/ reporting
    • Middleware
    • Mobile applications
    • Browser
    • Client OS
    • Document formats
    • Synchronization

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    Database independent:

    • SQL server
    • Oracle
    • DB/2 (on request)
    • Sybase

    Browser independent

    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • and others....

    Document Management System independent

    • Sharepoint
    • eDOCS DM
    • Xerox Docushare
    • 80/20
    • Hummingbird