Target segmentation

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Segment your target market to strengthen your success

Research by CSO Insights indicates that if a sales organization is exceptional at targeting, they can realize 12% higher quota attainment than those who need improvement in this area.

Only a percentage of the general population will buy your products or use your services.  The more accurately you can focus your resources on the relevant target group, the less of your efforts will be wasted.

Segmenting your customers can also help you to identify a niche market - a specific, well-defined area of your market that has not been tapped into by competitors - also known as Blue Ocean Markets.

SuperOffice CRM has powerful sales and marketing tools to help with:

  • Lead management
  • Target list management
  • Data import
  • Segmentation

Segmenting your data and can help to increase sales efficiency, add value to the customer with more targeted communication, add brand value from a higher perceived relevance, and create a revenue boost from a more effective sales team and the identification of niche markets.

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