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"We believe that designing with the individual user in mind creates the best business results"

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What is SuperOffice CRM?

SuperOffice was founded in 1990 by Une Amundsen. With more than 20 years of CRM experience and 12,000 customers, SuperOffice is Europe's leading provider in CRM software. The SuperOffice philosophy is to focus on simplicity and usability. As an award winning CRM, SuperOffice is an ideal partner for your CRM needs.

In essence, customer relationship management software marries all of your customer facing processes such as sales, marketing and customer service in one centralized place enabling a business to really be customer centric no matter who in the company is talking to the customer.

All customer information is stored in one place, all conversations, activities, follow ups, marketing activities, open requests, etc.   You will never lose track of customer information even if someone in the company decides to leave.

Why use a CRM?

Most of us are interested in one thing and that’s to increase sales.  In order to increase sales, employees need the right tools to help them be more productive and efficient in their work day, allowing them to focus on selling and making customers happy.

Why SuperOffice CRM?

SuperOffice CRM provides companies with all the tools to find, catch and keep more customers.

But, what makes SuperOffice CRM different isn’t the features and the functions.  What makes it different is the way that it’s put together, aka. the design.  Because of our one track focus on designing for the individual user, then the software is incredibly easy to use, simple to understand and best of all, people actually use it.

SuperOffice CRM integrates with all Office applications, is built on and supports all leading technology platforms.