Contact management

Keeps track of customer information in one central place

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Not just your average contact management tool

Capture all your customer interactions in one software tool.  Contact management is a cinch in SuperOffice.  The CRM tool's elegant design helps you improve productivity in just weeks by streamlining how you capture and use information from your customers, your work processes and from your thought processes. 

  • Instantly locate customer data and files »

    All customer information is in one contact management place and is accessible by everyone in the company. Easy access to contacts, customers, activities, documents, etc. 

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  • Keep track of all your tasks and get things done »

    Contact management software helps you to get things done.

    Assign tasks to yourself or to others and even put them on the calendar so you can block off the time. The calendar function is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Make a change in one and it synchronizes with the other.

    Add categories such as calls, meetings, reminders, etc. for quick scanning. Check them off when they're done.

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  • Track deals, proposals and leads »

    Know which proposals/bids are pending and what stage a sale is in. 

    Set up the next activity so that you know what to do in order to close the deal. 

    Enter notes about the deals, attach proposals or contracts to the deals, and keep a log of any changes.

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  • Create and archive documents directly from Microsoft Office »

    Tight integration with Microsoft Office lets you create documents in Word, Powerpoint and Excel and automatically saves the document on the customer contact for easy access later.

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  • Never lose an email again »

    SuperOffice contact management works seamlessly together with your Outlook email.

    Archive all emails in SuperOffice and attach it to the right company, contact, activity, sale or project.  Afterwards, you can search on any number of criteria to find that email again.

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  • Maximize your productivity - on the go »

    With SuperOffice Pocket CRM, get full access to company contacts, diary, sales, activities and even documents.  

    • Make changes and updates to your customer data in the field
    • Manage your sales teams, sales opportunities, pipeline and sales analytics in the field
    • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction by accessing customer information and taking care of business while the customer is there watching

    SuperOffice Pocket CRM 3.0 runs on iPhone 3Gs or newer, iPad (iOS 4.01 or later) and Android phones (Android OS 2.0 or later).

    SuperOffice Pocket CRM 2.1 runs on BlackBerry (4.5 or later) and Symbian (Symbian S 60 or later).

    SuperOffice CRM comes in Server (on premise) and Online (cloud) versions. 

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