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Great customer service is about answering all requests (or tickets) as soon as they come in, offering customers 24x7 support availability, and engaging with customers where they live and through multiple customer service channels – web, social media, community forums, knowledge bases and more.

This is all accomplished with SuperOffice Customer Service software.  It’s easy to give great customer service when you have the right tools.  Not yet available on CRM Online.

  • Keep everything in one place and everyone in the loop »

    Store every single email request in a central database with an assigned tracking number.  Keep all communication related to a request together.  Organize and quickly find requests based on owner, status, category and priority. 

    And no matter where the conversation takes place – email, online chat or Facebook– all the information is in SuperOffice. This information can also be shared with the sales and marketing staff which ensures that your entire organization has a total picture of your customers at all times.

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  • Improve agent collaboration »

    SuperOffice Customer Service software gets your whole customer service department working together:

    • Assign support requests to the right customer support agents and ensure that requests don’t fall through the cracks.
    • Easily share support requests and allow your support agents to be more productive by focusing on their area of expertise.
    • Issue “agent collision” warnings when multiple support agents are working on the same request.
    • Arrange your organization in logical groups and set up request views and business rules by group. Views can belong to the entire organization, select groups or designated individuals.

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  • Answer emails quickly without losing the personal touch »

    SuperOffice Customer Service automatically lets customers know that you’ve received their request. Increase customer support agent productivity with automated standard responses to frequently asked questions, or reply templates.  Reply templates can be fully personalized.

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  • Never miss another customer service request »

    When a request has been unanswered for a set amount of time, set up escalation rules to ensure that it is answered or perhaps reassign the request to a different internal resource.  Set up work flows to receive timely notifications if tickets remain idle or escalate tickets that threaten your Service Level Agreements.

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  • Help your customers help themselves »

    With SuperOffice Customer Service, you can build up a manageable library of standard FAQ’s by using the Customer Center. 

    Push tickets into your knowledge base, sharing answers with the broader user base. Sort your knowledge base into areas of interest, allowing customers to find the information they need.

    If the customer does not find the right answer in the Customer Center, he can make a request via phone, email, a form on your website, via SMS or perhaps post in Facebook (if your company has a page there).

    Not available yet on CRM Online.

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