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Powerful sales management software assists and guides sales in a uniquely productive way

If you’re looking for a unique sales management tool, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to helping you get control of all your customer information,  SuperOffice Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to help the individual sales person improve his daily work and focus on the business of selling.

  • Never lose track of a sale »

    Every sale is tracked with associated activities and documents. This means that you can always get a summary displaying anything which can affect your sale. 

    Easily see input factors such as the number of meetings, number of phone calls and written documents (such as a quotation) linked to a sale. Then analyze the effectiveness and costs to make better decisions on how to sell more.  

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  • Helps you to focus on closing the sale »

    The “sales secretary” function in SuperOffice sales management helps busy sales people focus on closing the sale. 

    It creates a work list for you based on 2 criteria – the sales activities you have planned in the near future and the activities you haven’t got around to doing. 

    While the calendar and the ordinary activities list in SuperOffice provide an overview of everything you need to do, the "sales secretary" concentrates on activities linked to your sales and shows the result below the calendar in the form of a sales oriented work list.

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  • Everyone follows the same structured sales process »

    With SuperOffice sales management, you can get all your sales people on board doing the right things at the right time in a structured way.  

    Pre-define one or more sales processes, divide it into phases and then link activities and documents to each phase. 

    Once a sales person has made the initial contact with the potential customer, he chooses the pre-defined sales process and all associated pre-defined activities and documents are automatically created.

    Create as many processes as needed and SuperOffice CRM supports you right along.

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  • Gain business insight into your sales activities »

    Knowledge is power and power is change. 

    Use SuperOffice's pre-defined dashboard solution to :

    • Improve sales efficiency and secured revenues.
    • Simplify management of sales team & sales processes
    • Increase predictability with better forecast management.
    • Improve quality in your decision making.

     If you're looking for additional sales management tools such as analytics or forecasting to help steer your business, SuperOffice can help.

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  • Maximize your productivity - on the go »

    With SuperOffice Pocket CRM, get full access to company contacts, diary, sales, activities and even documents.  

    • Make changes and updates to your customer data in the field
    • Manage your sales teams, sales opportunities, pipeline and sales analytics in the field
    • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction by accessing customer information and taking care of business while the customer is there watching

    SuperOffice Pocket CRM 3.0 runs on iPhone 3Gs or newer, iPad (iOS 4.01 or later) and Android phones (Android OS 2.0 or later).

    SuperOffice Pocket CRM 2.1 runs on BlackBerry (4.5 or later) and Symbian (Symbian S 60 or later).

    SuperOffice CRM comes in Server (on premise) and Online (cloud) versions. 

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