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SuperOffice offers a range of standard add-on products to enrich your CRM solution and support even more advanced CRM processes. These add-on products include a solution for Mobile CRM, eMarketing, business analysis, a dashboard tool, and more. 

If you’re looking for an even broader range of specialist modules or integrations to other systems, we have an array of experienced local partners who can help you.
  • Quote Management »

    We’ve made the quotation process an integral part of the sales process with the SuperOffice Quote Management module. Without ever having to leave SuperOffice Sales & Marketing, sales reps can pick products and prices, add discounts and get automated updates of amounts. Once the details of the quote are ready, just pick from a library of default proposal templates and with a click of a button, the quotation will be automatically created as a PDF.

    Use SuperOffice Quote and:

    • Increase your sales efficiency
    • Ensure quote discounts don’t cut margins
    • Recognize revenues faster
    • Always have updated and accurate forecasts

    Read more about Quote Management here.

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  • Mobile CRM »

    Use SuperOffice Pocket CRM and get your complete CRM database on your mobile device (runs on Android and IOS). It lets you work just as effectively on your mobile device as you would if you were in the office. Book meetings, update your sales pipeline, open and read documents, check status of projects, follow up sales and manage your sales team all from your mobile device.

    Pocket CRM provides real-time access to your CRM data presented in an intuitive and user-friendly app you may use on both your smart phone and your tablet. 

    If you’re interested in seeing how Pocket CRM works, please watch this demo. You can also download the Pocket CRM product sheet for more information.

    The module is available for both CRM Online Professional Edition and SuperOffice Sales & Marketing.

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  • eMarketing »

    Use SuperOffice eMarketing to send newsletters, campaigns, and operational messages to a large number of customers, with personalized and tailored content based on the customer’s interest profile. Choose your target group, create your message from scratch or use one of 16 pre-defined templates and send via e-mail to a small or large target group from your SuperOffice database. Trace open rate and links without leaving SuperOffice views. You can also automatically register event participants. 

    SuperOffice eMarketing can be used with SuperOffice Sales & Marketing and/or SuperOffice Customer Service. The module is not available for SuperOffice CRM Online.

    For more information, download the product sheet for SuperOffice eMarketing.

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  • Dashboards »

    SuperOffice Analyze gives you the insights you need to make better decisions. The add-on module provides complete dashboards, reports and analyzes data from the SuperOffice CRM system. The dashboards are transparent and role based to ensure focus on the right metrics with the ability to react to changing business needs.

    Right out of the box it provides dashboards for the roles top management, sales management, sales people and marketing. Powerful visualization capabilities let you view the data from different angles, both top level and drill down. It fulfills your users’ needs for a simple, flexible and user-friendly tool, and supports your IT managers need for standards and data control. The solution is available 24/7 from your web browser and does not require local installations. 

    The module is not available for CRM Online. It is available in two editions, Standard and Professional where the latter also include dashboards and reports from your Customer Service solution. Download the SuperOffice Analyze product sheet for more information.

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  • Customer Center & FAQ »

    It is increasingly common to route customer queries and support questions via your internet site. The benefits include more efficient customer service and the opportunity to increase the customer experience over time. The SuperOffice Customer Center is a module that allows you to create a self-help and FAQ website through your SuperOffice Customer Service solution. 

    The module provides the necessary capabilities to organize, sort and publish your FAQ via the internet. It also helps customers to find the right answers by real-time pre-empting their question with suggestions as they type it in. With the module, customers can use web-based forms to post questions if they don’t find the answer in your FAQ. Your customers may also view all their support cases, add information or review past answers easily. 

    This product is not available for CRM Online and will only make data from your SuperOffice Customer Service solution available in the Customer Centre out of the box. You may choose to customize the product to include information from other sources as well. 

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  • Sales Intelligence »

    SuperOffice SAINT (sales intelligence) is a tool that allows you to track, monitor and act upon key operational criteria important to your organization. It is not the same as a dashboard solution. 

    With the SAINT module, you can define different sets of criteria that you want to monitor, and then set up alerts and visual prompters which make it easy to act upon the information you are given.  

    For example, with a click of a button, easily get a list of all those customers who have not had a visit in the last 6 months. This list can tell you who is responsible for the inactivity and you are able to assign actions required to fix the issue. Or, let’s say that you run a number of projects and you always want to be on top of milestones that have not been met. The SAINT module can provide you a list of these projects at just a click of a button.

    The SAINT module is administered through your administration and settings module and is easy and flexible to use.

    This product is included in SuperOffice CRM Online Professional Edition and is a module for SuperOffice Sales & Marketing only. 

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  • Collaboration tool »

    SuperOffice Audience is a collaboration tool you use to give your trusted external contacts, for example your partners, suppliers or even customers, access to your CRM data via a web based interface. With Audience, you can let your users of SuperOffice Sales & Marketing distribute project information, activity information, meeting notes, and other document stored in your CRM database easily and with nothing more than a few clicks through a “personalized” web page. 

    The core premise of Audience is to provide companies opportunities to communicate with their network in a unique and valuable method. The result is a tighter and better relation between your company and your network. Audience offers a standard web interface ready to be used out-of-the box. It can also be customized to fit your existing profile and be incorporated into other portals of your choice.

    This product is not available for CRM Online and will only publish data from your SuperOffice Sales & Marketing solution.

    For more information, please download the SuperOffice Audience product sheet.

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