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SuperOffice Sales & Marketing is designed to give you a full view of your customer contacts and supports all your important sales  and marketing business processes. SuperOffice Sales & Marketing is an extremely powerful, yet very user-friendly and simple to understand CRM tool that helps your organization work faster and smarter than before. 

The software contains all the functionality and process support your teams need, ready out of the box, so they can manage their contacts, build stronger relationships and reach their goals.

  • Common contact database »

    The contact database stores all your valuable customer information in one place. It’s easy to use, easy to update and easy to manage.

    View all key information about a company or customer in one screen. With just a click, access contact information, purchase information, opportunities, and customer support needs. The contact database gives anyone in your company a 360° view of your customer from sales to marketing to customer service.

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  • Shared calendar function »

    The SuperOffice calendar function makes collaboration easy and gives you complete control over your daily schedule and activities. Use the calendar to make new appointments, schedule to-do’s, and collaborate with colleagues. Schedule your meetings or tasks in your calendar and you will quickly see key information about who you are meeting, when, what project and sales opportunity. The SuperOffice calendar integrates with Microsoft Outlook , Exchange, Lotus Notes and even iCalendar.

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  • Microsoft Office & mail integration »

    Writing, storing, sending, finding and sharing information through e-mail is an integral part of your everyday tasks. SuperOffice CRM is integrated with Exchange, Outlook, Notes, Gmail and all IMAP based email servers.

    Write an email directly in SuperOffice and archive it in the system after you’ve sent it. You can manage your activities and schedules, projects, documents and customer information all from a single location.

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  • Sales & opportunities management »

    SuperOffice CRM helps you to stay on top of all your sales and marketing efforts during every step of the sales process. Track and route your lead sources, manage and create follow-up activities, monitor deals, forecast opportunities and manage the pipeline.

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  • Workflow automation »

    Implement your processes to ensure that everyone follows the same best practices and step-by-step activities to make sure that nothing is forgotten. Whether it’s a sales process or a general project, you can pre-define activities, place them in the right order and even attach relevant document templates at each stage of the sales process. Guide sales reps through the sales process from beginning to end and ensure that all standard project flows are optimized.

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  • Templates »

    Ready templates make writing letters or sending emails and faxes easy. Pre-written letters or proposals can easily be customized with a selected customer’s address, contact person and date. You save time using pre-designed, pre-approved communication formats. This also helps to achieve a consistent look and feel for all customer correspondence.

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  • Targeting & Segmentation »

    The targeting and segmentation function is called “Selection” in SuperOffice CRM. The Selection function gives sales and marketing professionals pinpoint targeting accuracy. Easily create selections of people who have something in common, whether that is profile criteria, a process, a document, a sale, or whatever criteria you have in your CRM solution. There is no limit to the number of Selections that you can create.

    Once you know who you want to communicate with, create your campaigns, follow-up actions and track the results with ease. And don’t do all the work yourself. Delegate and assign activities easily, and track the results so that you can optimize every time.

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  • Reports »

    You can easily create reports for customers, businesses and categories. With the powerful features in SuperOffice Sales & Marketing, you can combine the data in a myriad of ways to get the information that you need. Create results-oriented management reports; prepare contact lists, as well as sales and marketing activities to focus on. The possibilities are endless in how you can cut the data.

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  • Administration and Settings »

    Out of the box, you get access to an administration and settings module where you, yourself, can configure and customize your solution according to your current and changing needs.

    SuperOffice CRM gives you the capability to optimize and manage your solution without having to call a consultant every time. 



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  • Remote Access »

    Get access to vital customer data even if you have branch offices, are traveling or are often out of the office. You can use the web version when you’re on the road and have an internet connection. A user may even have both a Windows and a Web version and can use these interchangeably. The software looks and works the same in both versions.

    You can also work off line and when you are back in the office, all the data is updated with the main server. SuperOffice Sales & Marketing even comes as a mobile application.

    To read more about the SuperOffice family of products, download our product brochure.

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  • Choose Cloud, Rent or Buy »

    There are three pricing options for SuperOffice Sales & Marketing.  You can get it in the cloud, (we call it SuperOffice CRM Online), rent it or as buy the product which you can install on your own IT infrastructure.

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