New research: The state of B2B email marketing

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Pipeline planning has become extremely easy
Paul North Managing Director

The Challenge

Illuminis Insight Software Limited is a small, project-led company which provides companies with one vital and highly competitive piece of business analysis software. It accesses information locked in whichever technologies companies use for business, reports on it and enables comparisons. It often eliminates two days of work at the end of each month for the directors who use it.

Illuminis was in its fourth year of trading, with three people working in the business. Time to generate and manage a sales pipeline was scarce, and Managing Director Paul North planned to double the size of the business within the next few years.

Believing his product could help drive well-managed rapid growth for SMEs, Paul wanted to spread the word about Illuminis fast, before the company’s competitors reached his target audience.

“Our outbound marketing is reliant on e-mail campaigns. We’d previously used a design agency’s e-marketing portal, but it cost us several hundred pounds for each email campaign, plus email credits. When sending to a high volume of individuals, packages in which you pay for email credits often become expensive.

“Wanting to grow the company out of its internally time-strapped position, I turned from outsourced email marketing to look at technology-driven options,” he explained.

Paul’s marketing plan included sending one email campaign to a large number of chief executives each month. Paul knew he had an excellent product which SME directors didn’t know about – but needed. His campaigns enabled potential prospects to watch a film, ask for a demo and then enable sale closure.

SuperOffice simply does the selling for us while recording everything, so that we don’t misunderstand prospects or customers
Paul North
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The Solution

Five options were shortlisted. SuperOffice was pitched against market leaders, and its online marketing package won because:

  • Its cost was fixed, regardless of marketing campaign frequency and database size
  • There were no upfront payments for batches of email credits
  • It had a sophisticated importing system (some other systems overwrite valuable contact records if two people on the list have the same surname)
  • The e-marketing module would accept legally purchased data lists
  • It costs less than some of the market leaders
  • It was quick and easy to use.

Illuminis selected a powerful online SuperOffice package, so it was easy to access remotely.

“SuperOffice simply does the selling for us while recording everything, so that we don’t misunderstand prospects or customers,” commented Paul.

The Results

Since starting to use SuperOffice’s email campaign tools, Illuminis has gained one new customer a month, which will enable the company to double in size.

“Before using SuperOffice, we didn’t know how long our sale cycle was – now we know it’s 3-4 months, so pipeline planning has become extremely easy,” concluded Paul.

  • To date, 100% annual return on investment (ROI) on email campaigns
  • Potentially 1200% ROI for each year of use
  • It only takes 20 minutes to design, build and send an email campaign
  • Extremely high email campaign open and click-through rates, e.g. 14% of cold contacts
  • Now gaining one new customer per month through email campaigns
  • Facilitates sales and marketing to double business size
  • Enables sales pipeline forecasting
  • Eliminates email credit costs
  • Lower cost of ownership compared to many other e-marketing and CRM systems
  • Provides 100% over design graphics
  • Records information for detailed prospect and customer understanding
  • Solution has a proven, long-term track record

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