The Return On Sales has definitely been very positive
Laurens Zanoli Sales Manager

The Challenge

B2C Europe is a logistics company that is specialized in cross border e-commerce. They help e-retailers and sellers expand their business across borders. They are an expert in innovative logistical solutions aimed at online retailers.

B2C Europe has presence all over Europe, in China and in the US. The challenge they face every day is to get parcels delivered on behalf of sellers to consumers worldwide.

The services and products B2C Europe provides in the logistics market is fairly unique. Most of B2C´s competitors are carriers themselves which means they ship as their own brand. Customers are then forced to work with different contact points. B2C Europe handles all the logistics centrally for its customers, but still allows them to ship using different carriers.

Over time, B2C Europe´s customer base expanded and became increasingly diverse. Customer types ranged from from resellers and small web shops with relatively standard solutions to large web shops with complex customization needs. B2C Europe found it hard to give the right attention to their leads and customers alike. It was hard to find the right customer details and to keep track of each other’s diaries. They struggled to follow up on existing and potential customers who could benefit from their smart logistical solutions. They soon came to realize that they were not in control of all aspects of the business. They needed to implement a professional solution to properly track and follow up leads, prospects, and customers and ensure that everybody was in control all the time.

SuperOffice allows us to support web shops with tailor made solutions
Laurens Zanoli Sales Manager
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The Solution

B2C Europe uses SuperOffice in the cloud. You can add information into the system wherever you are. All the information is there, in the SuperOffice system.

In the summer of 2014 B2C Europe started working with SuperOffice. Now they are implementing SuperOffice CRM in all countries. They use SuperOffice to handle all aspects of the business from emails, sales, marketing and customer service.

B2C Europe receives 500 new emails every day.

Before SuperOffice, they used Outlook and they worked with flags. Everybody had his own color of flag. Now they use categories in SuperOffice. Everybody has his or her own category, which makes it easy to see how big everybody’s workload is. SuperOffice uses easy to use graphs to visualize their workload. Another advantage is that all the email correspondence, even with different email addresses is saved in one ticket or request. This way they don’t have to look for emails about the same request. Everything is saved in one spot, which allows them to respond a lot faster than before.

Now they have a total overview, there are less emails being sent, and everybody works more effective.

On a daily basis, each member of the B2C team uses SuperOffice CRM to create visibility and transparency in everything they do; their activities and their sales opportunities. Managing the sales process and progressing opportunities through the sales process is a vital and key part for them towards being successful as a commercial team.

The SuperOffice Service module gives the customer service department the opportunity to work together with the sales guys, to monitor everything and to answer all the questions which the customers ask.

The Results

SuperOffice has become a key part of the B2C Europe organization. Now that B2C Europe has become one solid global organization, they need a system, which can support that.

By effectively implementing SuperOffice, B2C Europe gained the managerial information they needed. With SuperOffice they are aware of all the numbers on a daily basis. They have a good overview of their activities, pipeline reports or requests from customers. This makes it easy to manage and help their employees. They can help their sales people during the sales process in order to progress their sales, and help them to hit their targets. This really helps in getting the results at the end of the year. Everybody is aware of the pipeline, everybody is focused on the pipeline report. They are in control of the sales process.

When B2C implemented the SuperOffice Service module they quickly noticed the benefits. They were able to mold the system to work around their organization, which made it easier for their employees to start using SuperOffice. This meant that they were able to respond to emails a lot quicker, and they had a complete overview of everything that happens.

With reports, management could see exactly how quick their responses were on average, how much time it took to close a ticket from the beginning till the end, and how many open tickets the customer had, or were still pending.

At B2C Europe each customer service agent closes around 120 to 200 ticket a week. Since the day, they started using SuperOffice Service they have closed almost 20.000 tickets.

The visibility and the transparency of all the information and the encouragement of getting people to engage with SuperOffice is a big part of their success.

Going forward they need a system which can support their growth plans and they firmly believe SuperOffice is the integral part of making that happen and helping them to go forward.

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