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What does it mean for your company that your solutions are always available, no matter where the users are? Or that you can easily connect new work tools when the company's needs change? Make your business flexible and increase your competitiveness with cloud-based CRM.


21/01/2021   08:00



Target group

This webinar is intended for potential customers and users of SuperOffice.

Practical info

The webinar lasts about 30 minutes and it is easy to participate - Perfect for busy days! You sit at your own PC and follow us via Youtube. A link will be sent by e-mail on registration and on the same morning as a reminder and there is no requirement for login.


In this webinar we will look at SuperOffice CRM Online, which is our offer in the cloud. We will talk about the benefits of taking care of hosting, back-ups and upgrades, which means that you are always on the latest version and do not have to worry about IT operations. And of course last but not least, that you always have access to the CRM functions - from anywhere, anytime.

It makes you more competitive and can use the energy of what you (and your competitors) offer the market.


  • Why is cloud important and right?
  • What does it mean to go to the cloud with your SuperOffice solution and what happens when migrating? 
  • What can you easily achieve in the cloud with apps? 
  • What should you think about to optimise your processes?

The webinar is held in English by SuperOffice Norway with Norwegian subtitles. Some discussion may happen in Norwegian due to the audience.


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