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SuperOffice Service makes managing customer service easy

Meet Dave. He works in customer service. Dave’s job is to take care of all incoming customer emails and phone calls. And there are lots of them. From questions about products and prices, to requests for more information, and sometimes even complaints.

In fact, there are so many inquiries, that it becomes hard to keep track of everything that’s been going on. Dave’s often not sure if he’s answered all the emails at the end of the day and if he’s in full control.

For example, he hates situations like what happened today. One of his sales colleagues came over with an unhappy customer on the phone asking why his email hadn’t been answered for two days.

It turns out that Dave had forwarded the email to another colleague who probably just forgot about it.

And then there’s Andrea. Andrea is a customer service manager. Her job is to make sure that all of the customer questions are answered, and that the service is superb.

When asked how many customer inquiries he’s received and answered, Dave always struggles to give Andrea an answer. And to tell you the truth, he gets a little bit annoyed because it takes so much time to figure it out.

But what about you?

How many emails and calls did you receive from customers today?

Or more importantly, how many did you answer?

SuperOffice Service makes managing customer service easy.

You can respond to calls and emails quickly.

If you need more information from another colleague or department, you can forward emails on and still keep track of the status.

You can even create alerts for when emails haven’t been answered within a set time frame.

And if you need to report on how many inquiries you’ve received, or have responded to, it’s as easy as a click of a button.

With SuperOffice Service, Dave is happy because he has full control over the number of customer inquiries that are coming in and the number he has answered.

Andrea is happy because she sees that customers are being answered quickly and efficiently every day.

No more post-it notes. No more time spent manually counting inquiries. Instead, you can use the time to focus on your customers and create a better customer service experience.

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