Trust Center

When you choose SuperOffice, you can rest assured that your data is safe, your privacy is guaranteed and our products and services are fully compliant with laws, regulations and standard practices. This trust center is here to help you understand more about how we implement and support security, privacy, compliance, and transparency in all our cloud products and services.
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Governance, Risk and Compliance

SuperOffice is strongly committed to privacy, security and transparency. This section outlines our governance model and the policies and procedures for how we ensure that all employees work together to achieve these goals. To secure our customers’ data in the best possible way, SuperOffice works according to the legal requirements set by the European Union, as well as in line with local legislation.

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Cloud security

Cloud Security Measures

Security of your data in the cloud is of utmost importance to us. This section provides an overview of the extensive security measures and controls that safeguard SuperOffice CRM cloud solution.


App Store & APIs

Since apps are an important part of the SuperOffice ecosystem, all apps in our App Store are tested and certified for quality, security and in accordance with SuperOffice CRM API Compliance.

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GDPR & SuperOffice products

GDPR has a significant impact on how businesses collect, store, process and secure personal data. This means that all business units in a company, such as marketing, sales and customer service have to handle personal data in a more professional manner and in accordance with legal privacy regulations.

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Legal & Transparency

Security of your data in the cloud is of utmost importance to us. This section describes the security measures currently in place between SuperOffice AS and Visma ITC, our hosting partner.