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Our SuperOffice experts, along with our ecosystem of capable partners, will help you get the most out of your SuperOffice experience.

Whether you need help with the implementation, setting up your business processes, migration of data, training, custom integrations or help in getting the solution to work the way you do, we’ve got a partner for you.

  • Redcastle

    Redcastle have amassed significant experience in successfully supplying, implementing and supporting solutions to help improve clients’ business processes. Redcastle's Business Management System, embedded inside SuperOffice improves Sales Force Automation, Back Office Automation, Customer Service, and more. Adding value to your business and helping you to achieve growth and success are our primary goals.

  • Team Project

    Based in Ireland, Team Project are experts in the design, development, implementation, delivery and support of tailored business software solutions. At the heart of their offering is a CRM solution or solutions to a specific problem or set of problems. Team Project aim to make you and your team more productive and more efficient by implementing software that promotes collaboration, unites data and streamlines complicated processes. This enables all individuals in the team to complete everyday tasks faster and cheaper, saving you time and money.

  • Utilize

    Established in 1997, our spirit and accountability is what sets us apart. These core values are at the heart of everything we do. It results in the very highest standards and enables us to maintain a financially stable business based on an outstanding reputation. Our vision is simple - to give every business the technology to succeed.

  • Adwiza

    Adwiza specializes in providing add-on modules and solutions for customizing SuperOffice to individual needs. They have a range of standard modules that lets you integrate SuperOffice with other systems including various ERP systems, telephone systems and a number of online services. Adwiza have a network of international partners that are trained to sell and deliver their products.

  • Business Analyze

    Business Analyze provides leaders, teams, and individuals with insights they can act on. Their visual analytics platform is a simple way to gather, analyze and present data in a way that people can see and use everyday.

  • ConnectMyApps

    ConnectMyApps is a cloud-based platform with ready-made integrations between common business software applications, such as accounting, invoicing, CRM, e-commerce and more. These integrations typically focus on synchronizing data and cuts out tedious admin tasks, saves you time and ensures access to updated information when you need it.

  • eMarketeer/Follow-Up Systems

    eMarketeer delivers a marketing automation solution that is fully integrated with SuperOffice. They offer a range of tools to support the professional marketeer with lead generation, tracking and campaign management as the main objectives.

  • InfoBridge Software

    InfoBridge offer corporate calendar synchronization for SuperOffice customers to keep in sync with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google for Work or IBM Lotus Notes. In addition, Infobridge offers a range of standard business tools and modules that adds value to your CRM processes, as well as help customers with customized integrations and solutions.

  • Keyforce

    Keyforce offers standard integration modules between SuperOffice and ERP systems including the portfolio of solutions from Visma and Microsoft. Keyforce also offers a range of additional modules to enrich SuperOffice and support your CRM processes. This includes a module for fast registration of new contact data, an advanced SMS Communications module, and industry solutions for wholesale and media.