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    Passionate about Global issues

    Soon, we found ourselves engaging in new discussions at lunch break. Global issues, social, political, health- and environmental challenges were hot topics. We looked at trends and initiatives, and we started asking people to share with us, “what matters” the most to them.

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    Our desire to care, soon grew into a need to engage in things that matter

    What already matters at SuperOffice is how we simplify your life at work. Gradually we found ourselves looking for something that would simplify life somewhere else. Our shareholders discovered an awesome opportunity! But first, we needed to solve a complex problem. Every year, more than 4.3 million people die from indoor pollution, and in Africa alone, there are more than 600.000 people dying from respiratory diseases, caused by cooking over fire-wood or charcoal. Entrepreneur and SuperOffice founder, Une Amundsen, addressed the problem as he always has done - by simplifying things that matter.

  • The result is the Safi e-cooker

    The e-cooker is developed, manufactured, sold and distributed in East Africa by Safi International. Safi e-cooker is a brand new clean cookstove, fuelled by bio-ethanol, leaving no soot or smoke. It is clean, safe and affordable, and Safi is already changing thousands of African lives every day. At Safi International, they proudly state that they have found a simple solution to a complex problem. At SuperOffice, we are proud to simplify things that matter!