We're passionate about great CRM

We are dedicated to creating CRM software that helps every user in your company build strong and loyal customer relationships.

  • A history of simplifying CRM

    Back in 1989, it all started with one idea – to create a software which could support the needs of the sales person by making his everyday life easier – to make it so user-friendly and elegant that the user wanted to use it and not because he or she had to use it. Thus was born – SuperOffice.

  • Our smiling approach to business

    At SuperOffice, we have a sincere interest in our customers, and the challenges they meet in their everyday work life. We strongly believe that customer relationships matter and if they are cared for, developed and respected, these great relationships will lead to business success and growth. Our sole purpose of existing is to create, improve and support outstanding CRM with a smile.

Social responsibility

We believe in simplifying lives for others. See how we do this for those who are less fortunate than us.

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Code of conduct

Companies leave footprints, so we are careful where we step. We are friendly and cheerful, but dead serious about our Code of Conduct.

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Our values

You will not find our corporate values on our wall - you will find them in our hearts! They’re part of our soul and what we live by every single day.