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CRM software for your sales team

Prioritize selling time with SuperOffice Sales – an intuitive, self-populating CRM. Boost your sales team's efficiency with the help of AI: enhanced visibility for leaders, exceeded targets for managers, increased selling time and revenue for reps.

Don’t just meet your targets
this year – exceed them

Get in front of the most qualified prospects. Improve your win rate with better data and visibility over deals. Build rapport and lasting relationships with customers – in just one tool.

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    Let your CRM work for you

    Bid adieu to spreadsheet chaos and manual data entry and save selling time with SuperOffice. Capture prospect and customer data automatically by simply managing your calendar in SuperOffice. Enhance sales and foster rapport by recalling conversations from SuperOffice CRM.

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    Structured sales = more deals

    Structure your day with Dashboard views showing pipeline, key opportunities, and tasks. Identify at-risk deals and open prospects at a glance. Fast-track your deals by sending and tracking quotes directly from SuperOffice, including product information from your ERP.

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    Beyond deals: relationships

    Be the thoughtful friend who recalls details. Build trust with customers and hand over deals with ease with centralized access to a complete overview of interactions, meeting notes, and contact data. Stay proactive with Sales Intelligence for upcoming meetings and renewals.

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Sell on the go or in the office

Get the most out of SuperOffice CRM wherever you are with our mobile CRM app. Be prepared if a prospect calls, get their info on the go, and add them to your pipeline directly with our business card scanner.

Structured sales success

Turn your sales process into your competitive edge. Use SuperOffice Sales to get organized and gain actionable insights to generate solid opportunities for your team.

Sales guides

Set up every step in your sales process in chronological order, and get reminders of each step to:

  • Foster sales best practices unique to your team
  • Equip your team with a standardized playbook
  • Sustain a consistent strategy, voice, and positioning



Calendar, email and document integrations

Continue using your daily tools, now seamlessly synced with SuperOffice:

  • Create CRM activities directly from Outlook
  • Generate CRM data simply by using your SuperOffice diary
  • Access your SharePoint documents with ease


Choose from many pre-defined dashboards or create your own:

  • Track pipeline, open sales, and deal progression
  • Compare your performance to previous period
  • Easily spot at-risk deals and strategize on next steps

Lists and Selections

Turn CRM data into a competitive edge to win new deals and sell more to existing customers:

  • Plan your day with pre-built filters for forecasts and opportunities
  • Create selections to find unique segments of your customer base
  • Create charts and Dashboards to gain insights on demand

Sales Intelligence

Stay ahead of the game. Set up Sales Intelligence to monitor your database and remind you when:

  • Customers haven’t been followed up with
  • Customers are due for a renewal
  • You may need to schedule future activities with customers

Just ask SuperOffice Copilot

Sell smarter with AI features to help you build better relationships without losing your personal touch:

  • Get instant answers about your prospects and sales
  • Generate polished drafts for emails, pitches, and proposals
  • Summarize your upcoming schedule with a click of a button

Better Features, Bigger Wins

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    Create and send quotes directly from your CRM. Integrate SuperOffice with your ERP or add your own product lists and pricing to maintain your inventory all in one place.

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    Project management

    Organize campaigns or sales in projects. Track all contacts, stakeholders, and activities throughout the sales process.

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    Sales assistant

    Make the most of the built-in sales assistant’s reminders and checklists, ensuring you never miss a follow-up or milestone.

"SuperOffice CRM equips our sales team with information that deepens their understanding of the challenges customers face"

Richard Hornsby, Commercial Manager at Sharp UK

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Browse through hundreds of integrated apps in our App Store, including ERPs, data enrichment, and digital signing tools. Simply plug-and-play and start enjoying even more functionalities in your solution.

Starting from GBP 50

Per user/month

  • Unlock better pipeline control
  • Send quotes with just a few clicks
  • Boost and optimize team productivity

More than a platform
– a CRM partner

SuperOffice brings over 30 years of European CRM experience and local teams in seven countries, providing tailored and localized consultation services to help you get the best out of your CRM.

Get even more insight from SuperOffice’s complete CRM platform

Enjoy a 360° view of all customer interactions across the entire customer journey in just one platform. Add even more power to SuperOffice Sales by subscribing to Sales and Service modules today.

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