Improve information exchange, automate workflows and build stronger relationships with clients

Whether you’re in banking, insurance, lending, or investment, SuperOffice CRM can help you enjoy instant visibility into your customer portfolios, automate key operational processes, create targeted offers, identify high-value clients and successfully manage financial compliance regulations and legal restrictions.

Powerful features CRM features for the financial services industry

  • Centralized client portfolio management

    SuperOffice CRM allows easy access to client portfolio data in a centralized location, streamlining information exchange across departments, offering a 360° view of customer information, interaction history and customer value, and allowing you to provide highly personalized customer service.
  • Customized and automated operational workflows

    By customizing and automating key operational workflows, such as sales, portfolio modeling, claims processing, loan origination, case escalation, compliance checks, and KYC verification, you can spend less time on managing and executing routine tasks, always be in control of your activities, and better monitor your sales opportunities and service progress.
  • Personal customer data management

    Make sure that you store and handle personal data in line with the GDPR. Enhanced with GDPR-ready functionality, SuperOffice CRM allows you to securely and timely document and register consents, manage your contacts’ subscriptions, bulk update the existing personal data, and perform other activities that safeguard compliant data storage and sharing.
  • Business analytics and data

    Offing easy-to-use reports and dashboards, SuperOffice CRM can help you analyze your customer and prospect data, resolve potential issues, set more accurate business goals, leverage opportunities, notice emerging trends, and create more effective investment strategies.
  • Integration with leading financial programs and apps

    SuperOffice CRM integrates with a variety of third-party applications, modules and integrations that can expand your CRM solution, so that you could enhance efficiency, improve productivity and collaboration, and to get even more out of the financial and accounting tools that you're using.
  • Mobile CRM

    Access and manage all of your customer transactions, interactions, leads, proposals, opportunities, projects, and back-end systems from any device and at any time.

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On average, SuperOffice customers increase company revenue by 15% and 20% per year. See how SuperOffice CRM can improve customer relationships, boost sales efficiency and grow your business.

Why choose SuperOffice?

  • Automate customer facing processes
  • Improve the customer service experience
  • Seamless integration with core business systems
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