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Apps & Integrations

Make your SuperOffice solution even stronger and work with the tools that you already have. We give you all the tools you need to expand and customize SuperOffice to fit you like a glove.

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    A catalog of standard apps

    Check out the range of standard apps, integrations and modules available for the cloud version of SuperOffice.

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    Expand with standard add-ons

    See what our experienced eco-system of capable partners have to offer in terms of standard modules, integrations and services to make your SuperOffice solution fit your every need.

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    Looking for more than the standard option?

    We’ve got you covered. Use our API’s to to make just about anything you want, from integrations to add-on’s.

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Increase company revenue

On average, SuperOffice customers increase annual revenues by 16%. Speak with an experienced member of our team to see how SuperOffice can grow your business. Call +44 800 193 2820 or email us at


SuperOffice scores high ratings on all major review platforms. Based on more than 350 reviews, SuperOffice CRM ranks high in user-friendliness, ease of use and customer service.

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