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Go further in your day with AI

Enrich your CRM with AI designed for real user needs. SuperOffice Copilot complements your role as the relationship builder—without replacing your personal touch. With SuperOffice Copilot ensuring quality, building stronger relationships has never been easier.

Putting the “super” in SuperOffice

Working on SuperOffice CRM is now faster, better, and smarter with AI – and yes, still on just one tool.

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    Make time for productivity

    Instant answers = more time for building relationships. Work faster without sacrificing quality: spark ideas, get digested summaries, and automate tasks. Take personalized customer interactions to the next level with AI, making smarter decisions driven by data – all within your secure CRM.

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    More sources, better answers

    Get instant insights from a combination of your own internal CRM data as well as from SuperOffice Copilot’s powerful AI analysis of diverse sources across the internet. The best part? Trust that your answer is extra reliable – because it comes directly from your own CRM.

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    Generate better content – faster

    Feeling stuck? Unsure of your creativity? Unblock your ideas or get inspired with the imaginative power of AI. Whether you're seeking a finished product or a starting point, crafting pitches, campaign emails, images, headers, and CTAs are just a click away.

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AI features for every team

Smarter sales, closer relationships

  • Get instant answers about your prospects from SuperOffice Copilot
  • You build the relationships; AI assists
  • Get pitch and proposal help directly within the context of your CRM’s contact card
AI for sales

Our take on AI

At SuperOffice, we believe in making AI accessible to everyone. AI’s potential isn’t just for tech experts; it’s for anyone looking to elevate their daily tasks.

That's why we've integrated AI features directly into SuperOffice CRM: to help our users solve real business problems faster and with higher quality.

By introducing AI to SuperOffice, we want to bring the benefits of this powerful technology into the hands of everyday CRM users.

Stay one step ahead

Get your answers right away

Say goodbye to searching the internet for the right answers. A simple chat interaction with SuperOffice Copilot can give you all the answers you need – instantly.

The clue’s in the name

Save time with auto-fill suggestions for your contacts on SuperOffice for Outlook. SuperOffice Copilot extracts information available from your CRM to suggest field inputs for your new contacts.

Truly trust your decisions

The best decisions consider all angles. SuperOffice Copilot taps into both your CRM and public sources to give you reliable answers – and insights – fast.

New ideas, fresh perspectives

Write words, right now

  • Get writing help and inspiration for emails, pitches, and more
  • Generate tailored, polished drafts directly from your CRM
  • Kickstart your writing instantly with SuperOffice Copilot, mixing your own ideas with fresh perspectives

The perfect email for your campaign

  • Magic Image: Generate custom images instantly — input your prompt and let AI do the work
  • Craft CTAs and headings in seconds with smart suggestions
  • Say it the right way. Write more – or less; more serious, friendly, or witty, you decide!

Summarized details, quicker decisions

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    Instant ticket insight

    Get the gist of requests in a click, saving you time from reading lengthy requests. Instantly grasp key pain points to begin resolving the issue at hand.

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    Faster reliable decisions

    SuperOffice Copilot analyzes your entire CRM data in seconds, allowing you to quickly arrive at solutions without spending hours manually sorting through CRM data.

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    Know what’s ahead

    Stay on top of your busy schedule with a digested daily summary. Get key details for your upcoming meetings, including participants, agenda, and preparation reminders.

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Ready to begin your CRM journey?

You’ve made it this far. Sensing your need for an AI-enabled CRM transformation? Discover how to kickstart your tailored CRM journey with SuperOffice by speaking to one of our advisors today.

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