Control production volume, communicate with distributors and improve productivity

Designed for manufacturers, SuperOffice CRM provides a solution that links production, packaging and shipping to the customer, which creates a leaner organization – one that anticipates customer demand.

Powerful features CRM for manufacturing companies

  • Shared contact database

    The contact database stores all your valuable customer information in one place. It's safe, secure and allows you to manage all important data from a user-friendly interface.
  • Sales management

    Stay on top of your sales and marketing efforts. Track your leads, forecast opportunities and manage the pipeline.
  • Workflow automation

    Follow best practices and step-by-step activities to make sure that no process is forgotten, and every opportunity gets attention.
  • Pre-made templates

    Pre-written letters or proposals can easily be customized with a selected customer’s address, contact person and date.
  • Apps and integrations

    SuperOffice CRM integrates with all major ERPs as well as the most popular email providers, including as Exchange, Outlook, Gmail and all IMAP based email servers.
  • Privacy

    With the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your customers privacy has never been more important. Use our GDPR-specific features to help you become compliant.
  • Mobile CRM

    Access the entire CRM database from any mobile device, from anywhere you are.

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  • Integrate with core systems

  • Automate business processes

  • Improve the customer experience

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Since using SuperOffice, our customer base has grown from hundreds to more than 35,000.
Jenny Woodward Managing Director at Printed Cup Company
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