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Meet the Suits

We’re proud to say that our management team is one of the most experienced within the CRM business. They were right there contributing to the birth of CRM and the growth of a whole new industry in the early 1990s. This team has been around the block, and they now know all the in’s and out’s, and the up’s and down’s of creating great CRM software.

It is fair to say that our leaders still are passionate about CRM, but it is their love for you - our clients, for our product, and for our company, that will take us all safely to the next level.

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    Gisle Jentoft, CEO – Chief Executive Officer

    Gisle Jentoft has worked for SuperOffice since 1992 and became CEO of SuperOffice in 2006. As CEO, he is responsible for setting the company’s vision and strategy. He was a key driving force in the international expansion of SuperOffice into 7 European markets, as well as building a strong partner and services network. His work is split between growing the company and working with the team on all areas of product, R&D, sales, and customer loyalty. When he’s not working, Gisle loves to play tennis. He says he used to be quite good (he played Davis Cup for Norway back in the days).

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    Guttorm Nielsen, CPO – Chief Product Officer

    Guttorm has held this position since 1997. Together with his very competent R&D team he is responsible for future proofing the SuperOffice CRM applications as well as the cloud (online) platform. Guttorm was instrumental in taking the company on a terrific journey from the Windows based software in the 90's, thru the web applications from 2000 and into the SaaS era that we currently are in. Guttorm also holds the position as the company’s Information Security Officer – an area we consider to be vital for the position of SuperOffice as a leading, solid and secure European CRM alternative. His favorite leisure activity is trekking or skiing in the high mountains of Norway - or elsewhere in Europe.

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    Ole Erlend Vormeland, CFO – Chief Financial Officer

    Ole Erlend Vormeland has worked as CFO for SuperOffice since 2006. As the CFO, he mainly focuses on all areas related to managing the financial risks of the SuperOffice Group, including compliance, record-keeping, financial planning, analysis, cash management and financial reporting. In addition, he facilitiates financial processes that improve the customer´s long term relationship with SuperOffice. Outside of work he is a strong fan of outdoor activities, especially cross country skiing and bicycling. He participates in a local ski club on a voluntary basis, and hopes that the next generation will be just as enthusiastic about outdoor activities.

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    Jennifer L. Lund, CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

    Jennifer joined SuperOffice in 2007 as the Director Marketing. At the time, SuperOffice was looking for a creative and internationally experienced marketing person. We claimed it would be challenging to find such a person in Norway, but we were lucky. Jennifer came to Norway from Texas “on the wings of love” and brought solid and highly relevant experience from Dell Computers in Austin, Texas. She has taken us on a great and very exciting digital marketing journey, earning us awards and recognition in the market. Jennifer is responsible for brand, communication, lead generation, digital and content marketing, product marketing and customer marketing. When she is not working, Jennifer loves running, hard work outs and has a thing for action movies. After all these years in Norway, she is still trying to figure out how to become awesome in skiing.

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