Everything you need to get more leads

One of the best ways to get more leads is through personalized and targeted email marketing. SuperOffice marries the best of CRM with the best of email marketing to help you reach your target group, send better emails and improve your conversion rates.

Form builder

Make it easy to get in touch

Build professionally-looking web forms to start conversations and harvest more leads. With no coding required, forms in SuperOffice let you gather high quality data, automatically update your CRM database, and create targeted follow-up actions.


Gather all your leads in one place

SuperOffice makes it easy to import leads and contact information from a variety of sources such as web forms, emails, trade shows, and direct mail lists.  Create your target lists from one central place and you’ll be sure to smile.


Target your market

Selections help you create your target lists based on a wide range of criteria, such as contact information, activities, projects, sales opportunities and much more.


Personalize your messages

Send newsletters, campaigns and operational messages to a large number of customers, personalize and tailor the content based on the customer’s interests.  Choose from 16 design templates or create your own.


Crush your campaign results

Integrated reports give you insights into how your email campaign can be improved for the next time.  Test other visuals, copy or subject lines. You can also take out reports on who has clicked on what so that you can create additional targeted mailings.

Additional features SuperOffice CRM for Marketing

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  • Effective lead management

    Monitor leads from end to end. Get automatic date/time stamping, lead source tracking, and lead activity management.
  • Tracking

    Trace open rate and links. Track all responses by source. See who has clicked on what so that you can create additional targeted mailing.
  • Bounce handling

    SuperOffice helps you tell the difference between soft bounces (delivery delays, temporary mail server unavailability) and hard bounces (incorrect address, unknown domain, etc.) so that you can keep your email subscriber list up-to-date.
  • Link triggers

    Link triggers show the true beauty of email marketing inside SuperOffice. When you send a mailing, you can easily configure what should happen when recipients click on a link. Link triggers can flag a customer with a certain interest, add that person to a follow-up list or schedule an appointment with an account manager.
  • Optimized for mobile

    All out-of-box templates are optimized for viewing on mobile devices. You can also track whether your recipients are clicking on links in your emails from a mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Chat with your customers

    A key part of any marketing campaign is to understand your buyers' needs. There's no better way to do this than speaking directly with your customers via chat to uncover words, phrases and questions, which you can then include in your marketing copy, product descriptions and landing pages.
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