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Icon symbolizing the complete SuperOffice CRM

Standard CRM

Icon symbolizing the Marketing part of SuperOffice CRM


GBP 44.20 Per user/month
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GBP 44.20 Per user/month
Icon symbolizing the Customer service part of SuperOffice CRM


GBP 44.20 Per user/month

Complete CRM

GBP 53.40 Per user/month

Contact Management

The core of your company CRM database

Companies and contact persons
User defined fields
Consent Management (GDPR)


Calendar and tasks (diary)

Calendar and Tasks


Create documents using SuperOffice Templates & Archives

Document Management
Cloud Office Integration

Email integration

Integration via IMAP/POP to your emails

SuperOffice Inbox
Mail Link
Gmail Link

Mailings & segmentation

Create mailing messages and templates. Selections of Documents, Contacts, Sales, Projects, Activities, Products

Selections of anything
Static selections
Dynamic selections
Combined selections
Mailings & Newsletters
Outbound mail service
Subscription management


Add the project dimension to the CRM system

Organize your data in projects
Project Guide


A touch based app for mobile phones & tablets

Pocket CRM


A set of standard reports included with SuperOffice CRM. Visual graphics representation of data

Reports on all CRM data
Sales Intelligence

Marketing Management

Create marketing campaigns. Create and publish web forms. Collect consent. Reports on campaign responses, form submissions and activities.

Link triggers

Sales Management

Keep in control of all your ongoing opportunities. Create workflows to support any type of salesprocess

Opportunities & Sales
Sales Guide
Sales Secretary

Quote Management

Create quotes based on your products and pricelists

Create Quotes
Products and pricelists
Quote alternatives and versions
Quote approval
Quote documents

Service Management

The core of any support/help desk system. Graphical representation of status and activities

Ticket Management
Escalation, Prioritation
Knowledge Base
Source Connector plugin API
Inbound mail service
Service Dashboard
Service Reporting
Mobile Ticket
Userdefined fields
SMS Server
Add-ons & Modules


Engage with website visitors using live chat

Chat agents


Capture information, consent and leads via forms on any website or email

Create and process web forms

Customer Engagement Platform

Give your customers the ability to interact with you via different channels. This bundle includes:

Customer portal framework
Customer Center

Expander Services

Gives you access to tools and APIs to create customized apps and integrations

SuperOffice Web Services API's
Customizing Tools for Service
Developer Community


Calendar synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and G Suite calendars

Synchronizer for SuperOffice
Storage, mass emails and customer center logins (per per use)*
Explanation Included 1-50 users Included 51-150 users Included 151-250 users Included 251-500 users Included 500+ users
Storage Data and document storage 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB 400 GB 600 GB
Email sent via Mailings Number of campaign email volume per month 15.000 30.000 60.000 70.000 80.000
Customer Center logins Number of customer logins to the Customer Center per month 1.000 2.000 4.000 5.000 6.000
Chat sessions Total number of chat sessions per month 1.500 2.000 2.500 3.000 3.500
Form submissions Number of form submissions, volume per month 1.000 2.000 3.000 4.000 5.000

Additional packages are available at extra cost. Contact us for more information.