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Leadexplorer: How to make website traffic work for you

If you were to ask any sales rep what their biggest challenge was, I am 100% sure they would reply: “Not enough sales-ready leads”.

Traditionally, it is the marketing department that provides sales with new leads. However, according to a study by MarketingSherpa, only 27% of the leads that B2B marketers send to sales are likely to be qualified.

That’s less than one-third! So, it’s no surprise that salespeople need to look for leads themselves to keep that pipeline full.

Why? Because sales understand that the more leads they generate, the more chances to close a sale they have, as every prospect is an opportunity.

There are a couple of places where sales look for new leads:

  • They buy lists of prospective customers and start cold calling them.
  • They attend networking events, such as trade shows, conferences or exhibitions, where they may meet people interested in their products and services.
  • They ask their existing customers for referrals.
  • They engage in social selling and initiate conversations online with people interested in what they have to offer.
  • They get in touch with their past customers or lost prospects with an aim to re-sell or re-open a sale.

This is all good. But ...

There is another lead-generating resource within easy reach, but which salespeople, unfortunately, are missing out on completely – it’s their own company’s website!

A lead-generating goldmine right in front you

Let’s start with the sad truth: 95% of people that visit your website don't leave a trace.

This means that your fancy, expensive website doesn’t help you much in actually selling your products or services, as visitors come and go untracked.

Meanwhile, a lot is happening behind the website’s traffic anonymity – buyers are actively evaluating and choosing their sellers. Also, with the rise of the Internet, B2B buyers have become increasingly independent from sales in their purchasing decision.

Did you know that:

This means that, while prospects are busy researching your offers and shortlisting vendors online, you (as a seller) have little to no possibility to influence their choices.

But what if you were able to identify the people who visited your website, know what they were looking at, and this way regain control over the sales process? Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Lifting the veil from the anonymous website traffic is Leadexplorer for SuperOffice – the app that turns unknown website visitors into real sales opportunities.

Take the blindfold off your sales opportunities

Let’s recap: in the majority of cases salespeople don’t know whether or not their potential new leads have been researching them before, and what information they were looking for.

As a result, sales end up cold-calling and guessing what their leads may be interested in.

Leadexplorer by eMarketeer allows you to take the blindfold off the website traffic and know who exactly takes interest in your offering. Designed for sales professionals who value their time and prefer taking precision-oriented and effective activities, Leadexplorer helps you make an informed decision about a new lead’s level of involvement, as well as sheds light on your existing customers’ interests.

Let’s take a look in greater detail at what Leadexplorer for SuperOffice can help you with:

Who is looking?

The app tracks and identifies the companies that visited your website, giving you a full overview of who showed interest and a possibility to analyze your website traffic patterns on a larger scale.

Hot or not?

It also shows what they looked at, for how long, and what information they returned to, giving you a clear picture of their engagement and behavioral data. It allows you to create a list of most promising opportunities and target those leads with precision.

Real-time interaction

Leadexplorer will inform you whether someone is on your website right now. So why not using this opportunity and engage with them “while the iron is hot”? Strike a conversation via a live chat or by offering a web form to fill out or by simply chasing them up with a timely sales call.

Check your database

Tightly integrated with SuperOffice CRM, Leadexplorer tells you if the prospect is already in your database and shows the info you have on them. And if the prospect is not in your CRM system yet, you can add it to the database with just a click.

Rich company profiles

The app helps you enrich individual company profiles by providing additional information gathered from various databases. Equipped with this knowledge, you can confidently walk into a sales meeting or make that winning phone call.

All sales info in one place

If the company that visited your website is already in your SuperOffice database, Leadexplorer will give you a full overview of all registered sales data, such as who’s the owner of this lead, total sales, open sales, and latest sale opportunities.

Boost your sales

Since the app shows you what your existing customers were looking at, you have bigger chances to upsell or cross sell to your customers. Because if they showed interest in something, chances are they really need it (they just don’t know it yet)!

Time to turn your website into a sales powerhouse

Website traffic in sales is like dark matter in cosmology – we know it’s out there, but nobody can see it.

Leadexplorer helps you unravel the mystery of website traffic, and use it to generate your most favorite thing in the world – sales-ready leads! And also take better care of your existing customers.

The app can be used directly in SuperOffice CRM and it takes only minutes to get started. By offering easy-to-understand visual data, combined with a modern user interface, Leadexplorer is an intuitive sales tool that helps you sell more.


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