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Managing sales teams with SuperOffice

Remember how challenging it was to be a rookie sales person?

Getting to know new people, products and prices, while still trying to reach your sales target!

What if you could give your new sales rep a tool to get him up and running fast and on the right track straight away?

And imagine that the same tool can combine the practices from your best sales people and share them, so that everyone can improve their performance.

The SuperOffice Sales Guide allows you to do all that and more.

In this demo we’ll show you:

  • How you can map a sales process through an easy step-by-step guide;
  • How your sales people can optimize their time and effort by following the best-practices;
  • How the Sales Guide supports your team in their every step towards closing a sale.

John manages a sales team, and he has recently hired Hannah as a new sales rep. Her focus is to hunt for new business.

Whenever Hannah gets a new hot lead, she’ll register this as a sales opportunity. By selecting the sale type, in this case a sale to a new customer, Hannah automatically gets the Sales Guide optimized for this type of sale.

This Sales Guide shows the best practices that John with his top people have identified in their sales processes. The key steps of the process are outlined and linked to the relevant activities and documents that are required for each step. This way, the guide will suggest the right activities to Hannah so she will always know what to do next.

For example, once Hannah has qualified the lead and booked a meeting, the Sales Guide will automatically suggest a meeting confirmation e-mail template, saving her time and ensuring that she follows the company’s best practice for communicating with customers.

When using SuperOffice Sales to manage her leads and sales opportunities, Hannah automatically collects all data related to her sales in one place. This allows her to easily handle multiple accounts, at different stages in the sales funnel.

This also means that John, her sales manager, gets an easier job at coaching her. He doesn’t need to go through excel spreadsheets, e-mails or paper documents to get an overview of all her accounts. John can look at the Sales Secretary view of Hannah’s sales and see how she is managing her pipeline.

The Sales Secretary offers a quick and easy way of seeing all current sales opportunities in one view. This makes it easier for Hannah and John to prioritize cases and decide what to do next.

By following the steps of the Sales Guide, as well as having the Sales Secretary to help manage the daily activities, Hannah can be sure that she won’t miss important follow-ups and is on the right way to closing deals faster.

We have now shown you:

  • How you can map out your sales process in easy step-by-step guides;
  • How your sales people will optimize their time and effort by following your best-practices;
  • How the Sales Guide can support your team in every step towards closing a sale.

This was just a small sample on how SuperOffice can help you work smarter.

Please take a look at our other videos to learn more about how SuperOffice can help you be more productive or try it for yourself.