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Managing sales opportunities with SuperOffice

In this demo we will show you how easy pursuing your sales opportunities can be.

Using SuperOffice we will show you how you can quickly:

  • Get an overview of your pipeline and your budget status;
  • Know what you need to do in order to move your open sale forward;
  • And follow-up on important steps to update your forecast efficiently.

Focus is the name of the game and Abigail checks her pipeline weekly, sometimes daily, when making decisions on what to do next.

Planning for her week, Abigail takes a view at her planned activities and also gets a more detailed view of her sales opportunities. She sees that she has 8 sales opportunities and what she needs to do next which each one to move them forward.

The red line alerts Abigail to a task which is overdue. Looking into the sales opportunity, she sees that she has an overdue call regarding a new opportunity. This is an opportunity for closing this month so Abigail decides to make the call.

While Abigail is talking to the customer she adds her notes directly into the dialogue so it’s easy to follow what developments there are with the sale.

In our example the customer tells Abigail that the board has postponed the decision until the next month. And they want Abigail to come and present the offer. Abigail and the prospect agree on the time for their next meeting, and so she makes the appointment with just a few clicks.

Updating her sales pipeline is so easy that it makes sense to do it right away, so that it always shows the true picture of what’s happening.

You have now learned how to:

  • Always be on top of your pipeline against budget;
  • Be able to prioritize your activities according to importance;
  • And keep your pipeline updated to reflect the true picture.

This was just a small sample of how SuperOffice can help you to improve sales and sales management.

Please take a look at our other videos to learn more about how SuperOffice can help you be more productive or try it for yourself.